Living By Lo


Living by Lo

My Style: Minimal, Parisian, balancing calm and moody

Inspiration: Basically all design coming out of Sweden and Denmark today. Where furniture is treated as art and a great sense of peace is shown through subtle colors, shapes, and textures. Natural, moody, and captivating. Within my own setting, I love to draw from different design styles pulling in the elements that really inspire me, which always creates a challenge to put it all together into a cohesive space. I love that challenge of finding a balance to infuse different design without looking too eclectic.

Favorite Element: Lighting. A light fixture alone can act as a statement piece like a work of art, plus its very important role in setting the tone of a space. I love to distribute soft lighting in all corners of a room bringing a warm glow inwards so you feel immersed in it.

Biggest Challenge: The apartment was in very bad shape when I took it; I was faced with significant filth, damage, and multi-colored walls. With only my two hands I worked hard to clean and paint every inch of the space, starting fresh with a new canvas for me to create my home. So what started as the biggest challenge turned into a gift that let me really feel like the space was now mine with all the work I put into it.

What Friends Say: Most people see photos of my home before coming over, so I often hear how they love how it feels being inside the space. Certain aspects and elements cannot always translate to a photo and I am always very focused on paying attention to all the senses when I design a space. It’s about a feeling you get, the influence it has on your mind, so I consider it the highest compliment when my friends share that positive feeling they have in my home.

Biggest Embarrassment: Don’t look up too high. With insanely high ceilings and my short self, I can’t say I did the best paint job when it came to the ceilings…mostly in the kitchen where I used a dark color.

Proudest DIY: A side table I made out of chicken wire and papier mache to get the look of a sculpted piece of work, embracing its natural shape and imperfections.

Biggest Indulgence: I am never without fresh flowers throughout my home. On a weekly basis, I am always buying a new bunch, but the feeling I get from flowers, the way they contribute to my overall ambiance, is priceless!

Best Advice: Take your time, don’t rush the process. Don’t fill a room for the sake of “being done.” Taking that time to connect with everything you add to your space is how you will develop that connection that gives you the feeling of “home.”




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