Art I Like - Emerging Mexican Artists

Diego Salvador Ríos    Lucía Cidales Autopsy means to look with one's own eyes, 2017  Lucía Cidales The Extraction, with an esplendid tromp´oleil as wall paper, 2018    Lucía Cidales Rascals, 2018   Karen Dana There is a Transplanted Gathering in Between My Steps, 2018     Alejandro Almanza Pereda A glass of fruit (uvas) , 2016Video still, digital print - Frame not incluided.    

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Mini Serie of 10 most Iconic Scandinavian designers & furnitures

The scene of art & design can sometimes feel a bit hard to get in to. People are refers to designers, collections and furnitures that you never ever heard of. If you find yourself in that situation you have two options,  either nods and humm like you know exactly what the person is refering to or you confess and you find yourself in a  awkward  situation. So, were to start? Welcome to my mini series with 10 of the most iconic Scandinavian designers & furnitures of modern time. Lets go!    

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